Meal replacement provides a balanced ratio of high-quality protein, carbohydrates and essential  nutrients in one delicious and easy-to-mix shake.

Meal replacement is a unique formula designed to provide a convenient alternative to a full meal in seconds. It blends smoothly like a gourmet milk shake with a great tasting natural flavour.

Meal replacement delivers a full spectrum of nutritional benefits in the form of easily absorbed premium blended proteins to satisfy hunger, complex carbohydrates (such as pure micronised oat flour) for a sustained release of energy and a multivitamin complex to provide your body with the micro nutrients it needs.


Suggested use:  Add 1 scoop to a shaker or blender together with approx. 300ml of water or milk (full fat milk can be used for extra calories) and consume 1-2 shakes daily or as required.

Meal Replacement

  • Nutritional Info.

    Serving size: 70g (approx one scoop)

    Servings per container: 13


                                                     per serving   per 100g

    Energy                                      1295kj             1851kj

                                                     310kcasls       443kcals

    Fat                                            11g                    16g

       of which saturates                 3.4g                   48g

    Carbohydrates                         34g                    49g

       of which sugars                     30g                    43g

    Protein                                     18g                    26g

    Salt                                          0.11g                0.17g